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Used Nikon D7200 camera body, modded for astrophotography or infrared photography

12-month warranty, AF realignment, focus with all lenses to infinity, including ultra wide-angles, and white balance redone.
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825,00 €
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825,00 €
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Recalibration of AF, focus possible with all lenses at infinity (including ultra wide-angles) and white balance redone.

  • Premium Night/Day Versatility.
  • Modified with Astronomik L-2 filter for EOS 4'Astro, excellent quality, made in Germany.
  • Precise sensor alignment to within 1/100th of a mm.
  • Operates strictly the same as before modification, only white balance changes.
  • Work done under pharmaceutical-grade laminar flow hood.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Comes with charger, battery.
  • One-year warranty and invoice included.

Option to convert to Full Spectrum (VIS + IR) with MC Clear clear filter at no extra cost.

Option to refilter to BP642 for an additional 60€.

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