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Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty does EOS For Astro offer on the modding?
The modding of your camera is guaranteed for 4 months when you provide us with your camera. It is one year for the purchase of a new camera modded by EOS For Astro, with the manufacturer's warranty being voided.
Do I need to redo the white balance when I receive my modded camera?

No. The white balance is systematically redone before leaving our workshop. It is suitable for a wide majority of lighting situations. However, it is good to know how to redo it, as explained here (hyperlink to white balance instructions) - see gray card
You can use this new white balance in P, Tv, Av, and M modes. It is not taken into account in the full auto mode (green square) and in custom modes, such as portrait, macro, etc., which are more fitting for a compact camera than a DSLR. If you want to photograph with the least constraints possible, use the P mode which is the green square mode without the automation of ISO setting.

Does the autofocus of my totally modded camera remain functional?

No. Removing glass in the optical path changes the path of light rays by about 1/3 of the thickness of said glass, fooling the Autofocus sensor. On cameras prior to the 400D, the blur is pronounced (thick filter removed), from the 400D onwards, the blur is less pronounced (thin filter removed) but it is real and cannot satisfy a demanding user unless you stop down to at least F/8. Note that adding a Clip filter on a totally modded camera changes nothing regarding AF since the AF sensor is located downstream of the filter.

Is the dust reduction function preserved with my modded Canon EOS camera?
Yes. This function is preserved and works normally (this concerns Canon cameras from the EOS 400D onwards).
Does the Autofocus of my modded camera still work?
Absolutely. The sensor is repositioned very precisely during the modding of your camera and its proper functioning is controlled by very strict tests with a 50mm lens at F/1.4. If necessary, a calibration on a precision bench is performed to compensate for the differences in thickness between the original filter and the replacement filter.
How is the AstrodonInsideTM filter superior to competing filters?
This filter is made of silica - the pinnacle of optical glasses - its anti-reflective treatments are very resistant, and its transmission in the near-infrared is exceptionally low (0.003%) when competing filters still transmit 6% of the near-infrared, which is far from negligible. The result is a very faithful new white balance (highlights are no longer pinkish) and in astrophotography, the most neutral possible sky background. It is therefore the best filter currently available on the market for a camera that remains versatile.
What are the different types of modding?

There are several possible mods. The most radical - and the one that allows capturing the widest light spectrum - is total modding, meaning the original anti-IR filter is removed and not replaced. It is the least expensive mod but the downside is the loss of Autofocus and the loss of the ability to take conventional daytime photos (due to the significant influx of Infra-red rays dazzling the sensor, colors are impossible to reproduce faithfully).
The versatile alternative is to replace the original filter with another filter, allowing the desired spectrum to pass while still cutting off the near-infrared, which allows continuing to photograph normal subjects conventionally (via a new white balance).

What does modding entail?
Camera manufacturers use anti-IR filters to prevent infrared radiation from disturbing the rendering of daytime images (pale colors, chromatism of most lenses at these wavelengths)... Unfortunately, the precious photons from night sky objects pass through there and see their chances of reaching the sensor greatly reduced. To take advantage of this, it is appropriate to remove this filter and if one wishes to maintain the versatility of their camera for daytime shots to replace it with an adequate filter.

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