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Digital camera conversion with 642BP Astronomik infrared filter

Camera modding service using Astronomik 642BP IR filter. Your DSLR becomes dedicated to infrared.
Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras.
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D750,D780,Alpha 7R,Alpha 7RII,Alpha 7RIII,Alpha 7RIV,Alpha 7SII,Alpha 7SIII

NEW : We now offer conversion for infrared with the Astronomik 642BP interferential filter directly implemented on the sensor, making any lens usable (especially wide angles that vignette when a filter is placed on their front thread).

This filter is very interesting for infrared imaging as it allows enough visible light to pass through (and therefore the possibility of having images with color) while cutting off distant IRs that create the infamous unsightly hot spots on images.

Here's what Yann PHILIPPE, an eminent infrared imager who masters the acquisition and processing chain of infrared images from A to Z, says:

"At the beginning of the summer of 2022, I was fortunate to be equipped by Richard GALLI, head of EOS FOR ASTRO, with a Canon EOS 2000D device modified for infrared shooting directly at the sensor level! The advantage of this type of modification is that you don't have to carry screw-in filters in your bag, everything is done in the body! The other advantage is that this modification allows you to enjoy a very versatile spectrum: we let just enough infrared into the body for the effect to be striking (but not too much so as not to overshadow the color!), as well as enough wavelengths of the visible spectrum to have a nice tonal separation on different materials and depending on their IR reflectivity.

Enough suspense, the famous internal filter is neither a 720nm, nor a full spectrum, it is the BP 642 filter (BP as in BandPass or band pass, which means it lets a "band" of the light spectrum pass). This filter, developed by Astronomik allows for creative IR photography (landscape, portrait, etc), but is also suitable for lunar and planetary imaging as well as astrophotography for H-Alpha regions.

The filter offers a spectacle window ranging from 642nm to 842nm. It will therefore be dedicated only to IR since a large part of the visible spectrum is cut off. The distant infrareds (which are often responsible for hotspot or other light pollution inside the lens) are cut off! I have noticed that their absence gives a saturation boost to colors that are usually quite dull when IR radiation takes over, quantitatively, on the visible.


The Astronomik ProPlanet 642 BP offers you three filters in one product! Depending on your camera, the Astronomik ProPlanet 642 BP is an excellent tool for daytime IR imaging with your digital camera, or it will reduce veiling effects and improve contrast when used for lunar and planetary imaging, and finally it will be a very good low-cost H-alpha filter for beginners in deep sky astrophotography of H-alpha regions.

However, my use being mainly daytime infrared on landscape (for which the BP642 was mainly developed according to Astronomik) I was able to see its good performance in all light conditions. What struck me most was the immediate increase in saturation and contrast in the results obtained, which makes it an excellent solution for beginners! Indeed, post-production on Photoshop is greatly facilitated and becomes a pure pleasure: with immediate results and an enriched range of possibilities (due to the subtle balance between the visible and the IR, the manipulation of the rendering in false colors via the layer mixer becomes really creative!).

Here are some images taken by Yann, with a modified EOS 2000d 642BP, which clearly show the variety and subtlety of the different tones that can be obtained with a single camera and a single filter:

 MG 0006
 MG 0012
 MG 0046
 MG 0061 V2
 MG 0098
 MG 0161
 MG 0200
 MG 0201
 MG 0206
 MG 0223
 MG 0247
 MG 0358 Stitch
 MG 0394
 MG 0401
 MG 0423 Stitch
 MG 0458
 MG 2461 Stitch
 MG 2472
 MG 9816
 MG 9832
 MG 9840
 MG 9872
 MG 9877
 MG 9883
 MG 9919
 MG 9939
 MG 9949
 MG 9973

Find Yann PHILIPPE's blog here:

Laurent BARREZ

Cela fait à présent deux semaines que j'ai récupéré mon Canon 70D défiltré par Richard Galli avec le filtre infrarouge Astronomik 642BP. L'opération de défiltrage a été réalisée plus rapidement que les délais annoncés et le résultat est à la hauteur de mes attentes. L'appareil fonctionne parfaitement, n’a aucun signe extérieur visible de sa transformation et les photos que j'ai pu faire sont comme je les espérai. Du très beau travail que je recommande.

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